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My Name Is Sally Wilkinson


I am a 53-year-old Fitness Instructor and I am passionate about helping women to feel more motivated, fitter, healthier and happier in their own bodies. 

I’m not here to tell you what you can and can’t do. I want to empower you to make your own change. I believe YOU should never leave this earth without experiencing just how AMAZING you can really feel. 

Through my online programmes, health and fitness retreats and thriving online community I support you in taking control over your mind, your body and your emotions, so you can stop feeling guilty and crap about yourself  – and start living a healthier life that makes you feel good about your body. 

The Tribe is a thriving community full of amazing women who are just like you and me. We’ve all felt fat, unfit and ashamed of ourselves in the past, but we’ve worked together to find a new way of eating, exercising and living – one that gives you back control and makes you feel motivated, confident and full of energy.


Weight loss is a bonus!

My Vision

For everyone to truly believe that they can always do more than they think they can!

My Mission

To INSPIRE women to motivate themselves to finally make their own change…

Using movement, mindfulness, gratitude, a bit of self-love and a lot of laughs!!


With The Motivated Menopause Kickstarter Fitness Kit


For Menopausal & peri-menopausal women, everything you need to start feeling energised, inspired, happier, refocused and fitter – with ZERO willpower required.



With Learn To Nordic Walk

The online course that will get you Nordic Walking and on the road to a fitter, leaner, and lighter you in less than a week!


7 Days of Fitness, Yoga, and Juices in Marrakech


What Is Your Missing Link? – by Sally Wilkinson
What Is Your Missing Link? – by Sally Wilkinson

Do you ever wonder why when you say want something so much, then you don't actually make it happen? You may want to... Lose weight Run a 5K Do full press ups Learn to play the piano Take better photos on your phone Do one pull up I have wanted to do all of these...

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