I have recently read a book on Feng Shui. It is something that has always interested me, but I have never done anything about it….funny how we do that!

I have a few on my book shelf and I actually bought one for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas. I had a sneaky peak in it and this challenge was suggested in there. (So Ben, if you are reading this, then keep it to yourself and don’t tell Chrissy! (love you by the way!))

Get rid of 9 things a day for 27 days….and that is it!

Oh apart from if you miss a day you have to start again at the beginning!

If I mention the word ‘declutter’ or ‘sort out’ to Simon, it brings him out in hives, as what I promise will be a quick half hour can turn into a whole weekend job and he gets very stressed at the thought of it!

He is doing this challenge with me, so we are doing 9 things each and I am amazed that he is actually enjoying it. He likes the fact it is only 9 things a day, which literally can just take a few minutes, and they are his things, so I am not following him round, making sure he is doing it properly…as if i would!!!

We have a rubbish bag and a charity bag in the garage and it is satisfying to see them filling up with stuff we just don’t need, want or have not used for 13 years!

Old t shirts with holes in

Odd socks


Old suntan lotion

Dirty make up bags

Eyeshadows from over a decade ago







Broken brollys



Half used shampoo bottles

Tongue scraper

Curling tongues


The list is going to grow and seeing it in the bags so far really makes me wonder why we even had it in the house in the first place!

I am finding it a challenge, but also really cathartic. However what is the upside for Simon, short sharp daily clear out of 9 things is actually a downside for me and I am struggling not to get frustrated with it some days.

It’s actually easy and even fun to go hunting for 9 things, but what I don’t like is not being able to then sort out that area. For example, I may have a quick shuffle through my underwear drawers full of socks, bras and knickers, quickly pull out the ones I know I no longer want or need, but I find it hard not to then spend a bit of time tidying and organising said drawer…the same when I was looking through my drawer with all my pads and journals.

I am sticking with the process though, as I have never decluttered like this before, so I am not going to know if I love it until I spend a decent amount of time actually trying it…say 27 days!

I know I can always go back and sort any spaces that need it If I want to, but at least I will only be doing it with stuff that I want.

My usual way is more like Marie Kondo (google if you don’t know) and I have used her process twice over the years on the whole house and that is why I tend to live in a pretty clutter free and organised environment…or so I thought until I started this, it’s amazing how you can just keep onto stuff…just in case!

(One of my favourite quotes form Marie Kondo is “The best way to find out what we really need, is to get rid of what we don’t”)

The caveat of starting again if you miss a day is harsh, but it does serve a purpose and we have already had to start again.

Obviously you don’t have to do this, but I really do think it stops you half arsing it, which does flex your discipline muscle which can’t be a bad thing…and just think how bloody CHUFFED we are going to feel after the end of 27 straight days…and being chuffed with yourself is always a good thing…oh and we will have a lot less shit that we don’t need or want in the house too.

So that is the challenge, why not give it a go, or a version of it, or maybe you would rather stick pins in your eyes. All I know is that there are many positives attached to it…

The feeling of creating physical space

The feeling of creating mental space

You are taking positive action each day

You are following through on something you have committed to each day

You are exercising your discipline muscle

Helps lessen the sense of overwhelm

Makes way for new things to come into your life

You get to laugh at the shit you have been holding onto

The positivity starts to snowball

You feel chuffed with yourself

The stuff that isn’t broken gets recycled and finds a new home

If you find throwing away stuff hard then look at it like you are finding stuff to keep.

That’s it, hope you enjoy it if you choose to do it, as always, the choice is yours.

Love and less stuff

Sally. x

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