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I qualified as a fitness Instructor 15 years ago.
I taught spinning classes at my local gym for 15 years and I worked as a fitness Instructor on Jason Vale’s juice retreats for 3 years.

I was spending too much time away from my family though so I decided to set up my own 3 day retreats closer to home and that has now expanded to the Portugal retreats and my lovely online community.

This sounds like I am just another “fit” instructor teaching others how to be fit but that is not the whole story.

I have gone through depression and bankruptcy and have experienced the very real fear of both.

I know the futile feeling and lack of self-worth when you are on and off different diets and you eat or drink too much to numb the pain of your worries and fear.

I know what it feels like to want to eat the contents of Tesco rather than cook a healthy meal or move your body.

I know how worthless it can make you feel when you look in a mirror and do not like what you see, which keeps you stuck in this negative cycle.

(You can read my full story on my blog page!)

I have grown to believe that you can do ANYTHING if you want it enough.

Exercise and self care really is the best medicine.

I know it’s hard when you just do not feel like it, when you don’t feel like exercising, or planning what you are going to eat.

I can give you the desire to do just this.

I can and will inspire you to motivate yourself!

I don’t want you to have to exercise just because you feel you should, or to make great food choices because you are restricting yourself…I want you to WANT to do these things!

Seriously, when you are happily making these choices for yourself…the magic really does start to happen. I have seen it so many times before with women in my community.

The ripple effect is incredible. You start to regain your sense of control and self worth. Other areas of your life start to be infected with this new positive attitude.

You inspire yourself…and you start to inspire others, which is incredible!

Women in my community have had incredible results and have made some huge changes…and they are not even following a diet plan…they are making their own choices…that suit them!

I would just love to do this for you!
There are so many ways you can get started…you just need to start!
I will help you find your MOJO!

You can do either or all of the below…lots of women do!!

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I never pressure people to take part once they have joined my community…there are lots of lurkers in my Facebook groups who still get massive inspiration. We are all motivated differently and I respect that….because we ARE all different.

Message me if you have any questions…I would love to help in any way I can.
Look forward to getting to know you!

P.S. Expect lots of laughter and no doubt a few tears along the way…from me as well!!

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