The Man on top of the mountain wasn’t put there!

I’ve no idea who said this but I’d like to shake their hand.

I remember reading it several years ago and it had a big impact then but I had forgotten about it.

When Joe, my son, left home for good and he couldn’t fit his memory box in the car so he has left it here.

As I was having a look through all his key rings, primary school certificates, (including the star of the week for politeness!), piano exam certificates, a few old photos, and his favourite fluffy tiger purse, I came across a card I had written to him when he left for University 4 years ago and I had written this quote in it .

The Man On The Mountain Wasn’t Put There.

It really made me stop and think again. I think it is such a powerful quote as it reminds me that those who achieve their goals have had to do it themselves.

It firmly puts the responsibility on YOU…YOU and nobody else have to be responsible for climbing that mountain…it is going to take effort.

Why is it so many people are just never prepared to climb that mountain…EVER!

Why do a lot of people just go a third of the way up…watch people passing them and then criticise them for doing so?

It’s because those who consistently put in the effort and then walk past you on their way up to the top, happen to be carrying a mirror on their backs that you see yourself in…lagging behind, because you have stopped making the effort, listening to all the bullshit excuses you keep convincing yourself are reasons. Seeing that in the mirror hurts, and it pisses you off, so you lash out at them, and at others and you continue to rely on comforting, self sabotaging behaviours that have kept you stuck.

Your mountain could be weight loss, getting fitter, being able to run a 10k, learning to crochet or educating yourself about plant based living. You can have as many mountains as you want. It is up to you, and you alone whether you choose to climb them or not.

Some mountains will never be for you, and that is fine, just don’t bitch about the people who choose to climb them.

I’m happy to say I love climbing mountains, but sometimes I have to adapt and accept that some days a mole hill will do just fine.

I’d love for you to find yourself a mountain…go and climb it, no matter how long it takes..because the view at the top is so bloody worth it.

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