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Don’t leave this earth without experiencing just how amazing you can really feel!

Do you want to look and feel fabulous in the clothes you WANT to wear and not in the clothes you HAVE to wear?!
Or are your leggings feeling tight because you are feeling unmotivated and sluggish and you have barely been doing any exercise and eating badly?
It really is possible to turn it around with one decision.
You really can start to feel energised and motivated to exercise more and have total freedom around food choices.
Come and join my private membership, The Tribe, and see the power of making small daily changes…and believe me that any weight loss you want to achieve…really will be the bonus!

I have set up this monthly membership site for a more private space for women to feel supported, motivated and inspired so they really can create positive and long lasting change. Women feel so empowered, understood and less isolated when they hear other stories, both successes and struggles. I am a big believer in the power of a group and the feeling of teamwork that is created. It’s where the magic can happen…and I will be there being your biggest cheerleader!  I have experienced this magic first hand and it never fails to amaze and inspire me. 


The Tribe is already amazing…what with all the motivational website content and the inspirational live action in the Facebook group…but we have gone and TURBOCHARGED your whole experience!

 This is designed to help take you from where you may be feeling now to where you want to be!

By introducing the Success Path, we will remove any doubt, fear and overwhelm you may have and you will remove any excuses once and for all.

The Success Path is all laid out for you to follow, so all you need to do is focus on yourself and your experience.

Throughout the 5 Stages there are 56 video lessons separated into modules. You will learn more about yourself and the way you think which in turn has a huge impact on your behaviour and choices.

Focusing on each stage, one at a time, will deliver great results in both mind and then body before you move onto the next stage.

The Success Path is designed to be done in a specific order and run alongside all the amazing support and resources that is already available in the Facebook group.

Once you have completed the Success Path…this is just the start…you can then use the members website, and continue to be inspired by the new Live content every week in the Facebook community.

This really is YOUR path to success…and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Tribe Benefits 


A dedicated on-line Members Website

  • Fitness challenges
  • Fitness Classes
  • HIIT workouts of varying length
  • Loads of Equipment FREE workouts
  • Yoga and Meditation Videos
  • Mindset Coaching Videos
  • Rebounding Videos
  • Spinning Classes
  • TRX Workout Video
  • Pilates Videos
  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse with recipes and shopping list
  • Inspiring Top Talk Videos
  • Recipe packs and plans with all Nutrition information and My Fitness Pal barcode (if you want it!)

We cater for all levels of fitness and demonstrate how to modify in both the recorded and the live fitness sessions


Members have exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group.  This is where the fun happens!! I will be in there, together with the team of  Sam and Simon,  motivating and inspiring you in our own special way to help you reach your best self. There will be: 

  • Weekly live inspirational talks from Sally
  •  Live mindset coching from Sam
  • Live principles for success from Simon
  • Weekly live  fitness session with Sally and Simon
  • Daily Accountability ‘Move More’ post
  • Fortnightly book club on Zoom
  • And the most incredible community of supportive women so you will never feel on your own (although lurkers are always welcome)

You do not have to do the sessions live as they are all available on catch up and many of the Tribe members enjoy being part of the #catchupcrew 

I will be teaching the fitness classes. Don’t worry if you are ‘unfit’ or ‘too old’ it’s all a nonsense that we keep telling ourselves!
I will give you modifications for all the exercises…and you will soon see that you can do so much more than you thought you can…and when you start to really believe that…that is when the magic happens!
Sam Wilde is my amazing Mindset Coach and he does group coaching sessions. 
Sam is always supportive of each member and goes out of his way to give his time and energy to whoever needs it! He will really challenge your current way of thinking…in a positive way!
Everyone loves him…his wonderfully calm demeanour is a great contrast to mine!!

Simon Wilkinson is my other half who happens to be an NLP Practitioner, as well as being the other half of the weekly fitness team (with me of course!). His talks are often based around habits and the principles of Success, regardless of what you are trying to be successful at! He will give you practical and realistic principles and stories whilst also being thought provoking.

zest for life

“Having lost my mojo for the last few years, I’ve now found it again thanks to the wonderful Sally Wilkinson. She and the rest of the tribe have given me a zest for life full of energy, motivation, laughter, inspiration and encouragement. And on those days when life isn’t so easy there is always someone on the tribe to support you with advice and comradeship. There’s live chats, yoga, fitness challenges and so much more.”



“So many beautiful words to describe the fabulous Tribe. I can’t express how grateful I am to have found Sally and the Tribe. For the first time in my life I have the inspiration and motivation not only to exercise regularly but to change my mindset, accept it’s not failure to have a bad day (or three). I’m still a work in progress but it’s been a transformational year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


self belief

“I have been a member of the Tribe from the very beginning and cannot imagine life without it.  What Sally has created cannot be found anywhere else.  We laugh together, we are inspired together, we sometimes cry together but most of all what we get is reality and belief in ourselves and our own abilities.  Thank you Sally for creating something which is unique in so many ways and means so much to so many people”



“The Tribe is simply life changing! Inspirational and supportive.
There’s an amazing feeling of belonging to something special. Being a closed group means that everyone is safe to post honestly, knowing that they will get support without being judged. Thanks The Tribe…You Rock!.”


everyone is different!

What you will not find on the membership site is a diet plan! 

I believe everyone is different and there is no one size fits all.

Yes, I could give you a list of foods to choose from or I could give you a diet to follow…I have done enough of them! This approach is short term.

I want to motivate you to find your own ’diet’, one that suits your current health and goals….one that you can be flexible and can change along with your circumstances.

I want to encourage you to take inspiration from others and to be open minded and try different things.

Only you know what works best for you.

When you learn what your body really needs and what you really want…lasting change really is possible.

A lot of people think it’s all about weight loss and losing a few pounds. I truly believe you have to start with changing your mindset and really believe and accept yourself then weight loss can and does happen.

I, along with the support of the rest of the group can really help you do that. I can Motivate You To Make Change!

Sign up and come and join us.

It will be lovely to have you as part of the group.

for only


per month

There is NO contract so you can just join for one month and see all the benefits for yourself



Focused Fortnight is currently closed. The next programme will be coming in June 2020. Join the waitlist and be the first to find out when it reopens.

Thank you! We will be in touch as soon as Focused Fortnight reopens.

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