I wanted to share this quote with you. I can’t even remember where I saw it the first time…or last week…menopausal brain fog no doubt!!

“Don’t go looking for comfort under the wrong blanket”

I love it, although I am sure my interpretation of it may be very different to the person who wrote it.

How I see it is that we all too often go looking for comfort in chocolate, cake, sweets, shit food and alcohol.

Now that may not necessarily be the wrong blanket though…let me explain.

That list of foods contains a certain amount of sugar, calories and fat amongst other stuff…and can leave you feeling awful. If you choose to eat it, it all goes in.

Now you can eat it, how we often do, because we are emotional eating. So stood stuffing your face in the kitchen while you are deciding what to have for your tea, or eating it in the car and shoving your wrappers in the outside bin so then it doesn’t count! – The wrong blanket


You can meat a friend you have not seen for ages and enjoy a big fat slice of cake, or sit down on a Saturday night and watch BGT with a big bag of kettle Chips with the family…they have their own though! – The right blanket

Do you see that the former behaviour is stressful and you only ever ‘enjoy’ it for the first minute or two…and what looked like a lovely comfy blanket at first, actually turns out to be rough and scratchy as hell…think of the sacks we used to do the sack race in at primary school!

On the other hand…the latter way of indulging is done guilt free and does not set off a chain of events that makes you hate yourself even more! So this remains a comfy blanket.

There are even softer more cuddly blankets that are made up of self care, that don’t involve any food or alcohol at all you know. Now use your imagination as to what this might be.

And you get to choose which blanket you use on a daily basis.

My advice is to see them for what they are and choose wisely.

Ask yourself, what blanket are you choosing to use most often.

I hope that all makes sense…its just another awareness tool. Try it and see, because you can’t create change without first creating awareness.




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