Connection – by Sally Wilkinson

Every year I like to have a word to focus on as it really does make a difference to me. I also encourage everyone in my private membership The Tribe to do the same. I love reading what everyone has chosen and more importantly, their reasons for doing so.

I have chosen Connection because I do want to put more effort into meeting more people and saying yes to more events this year.

Lockdown made both Simon and I realise that we had become very insular. It is easily done when you work from home. We realised our social life had become pretty much non existent as it didn’t differ much in Lockdown!

Once Lockdown had ended I was well into Peri-menopause and then I just couldn’t be arsed seeing anyone If I am honest.

The thought of making any plans made me anxious and I just didn’t look forward to anything. Even going to see the children in London felt like a chore. I feel like a thief had come and robbed me of all my joy for the usual things I would usually have found joyful!

I did make a start last year and did say yes to a few more events, but a lot of them were a bit of an emotional struggle. It really can feel like staying home, in your own little safe space with the person who knows you best is the easiest option.

We did make a big adjustment last year and moved our work space away from home. We now rent an office in Morecambe overlooking the sea. I love it. It has made such a huge difference and it makes me wonder how on earth I managed to work form home for so many years.

I honestly feel ready to want to be more connected, to go out more, to seek discomfort and challenge in new activities, and joy in forming new relationships and investing more time enhancing existing ones. Also letting go of the ones that do not serve me anymore…I think we are all guilty of that.

I want to do all this without relying too much on social media. I am determined not to return to allow doom scrolling to suck away my valuable and precious time. I want to be aware of my time passing, even if I am sat just doing nothing! (I can hear Edwina’s posh voice correcting me as I wrote that, “Sitting doing nothing Sally!”

I am going to meet more of the fabulous members of The Tribe. Nothing beats taking online offline and the joy of meeting someone for the first time when you already feel like you know them.

I want to do more walks, some planned and some adhoc and see if anyone from my wider community turns up for a walk and talk if I announce it on my social media!

Connection is going to be my focus this year, but not at the determent to everything else. There are still no doubt times I will say no and change my mind but I will make sure I do that for the right reason and not just because I am stuck in a bad and unhelpful habit of simply not being arsed!

I invite you to choose a word for the year that you can have as your focus. Do not be surprised if it takes you a day or a week or two to come up with it. Also don’t be shocked if you find yourself changing it a few times because it just never felt quite right. I have done that.

Just to give you an idea my previous words have been Nourish, Balance, Joy, Congruent, among others.



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