“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds” – Osho.

This amazing quote was the subject of a 10 minute meditation in the Calm App. You always get sent a quote from the meditation after you have finished and this one really hit home.

You may know by now, that I am a big believer of…

You get what you focus on.

You are the sum of your choices

Your thoughts create your actions which impact your mood

If it is to be it is up to me

It is not possible to feel pissed off and delightfully happy at the same time

Just a few…I could go on…a lot.

Even though I love all this stuff I can still be deeply impacted by a single sentence, which is just the same message, but delivered in a slightly different way.

You are always in control of how much you choose to listen to your thoughts. You can’t actually control what thought comes into your head…but you can choose how long you choose to sit with it!

So ask yourself something seemingly simple…If your thoughts, those habitual ones that you think about again and again, were seeds and you planted them, would you have a beautiful display of pretty daisies, or would you be left with a mass of dandelions, that when left unchecked, would just keep spreading.

If you don’t like what you end up with…then change your thoughts.

Look, I know it is not as easy as just changing your thoughts. We all have negative shitty thoughts swirling around in our head, like little dandelion seeds. I have already acknowledged that you can’t control what thought comes into your head at any given moment…and I still believe that.

However, I DO believe that if you are looking after yourself, and are happy with the food and exercise choices you are making most of the time then the thoughts that just appear out of nowhere are more likely to be the start of daisies.

I know, that when I eat rubbish, do half arsed workouts, don’t get enough sleep and stop drinking my water..then my potential to grow a whole field of dandelions is far greater.

I hope you know I am no Polly Perfect, and neither would I ever want to be…it is bullshit.

I can spend days on end, sometimes weeks and months, in a negative downward spiral. My healthy eating goes out the window, I can’t be arsed, I may gain a stone in weight, I stop brushing my teeth for 2 whole minutes, I eat too much ice cream for the wrong reasons, I eat crisps as I am making tea, I call myself a fat ugly bitch every time I see my reflection, I make shit choices, even though I know it will just make me feel worse…then I don’t take ownership because it’s all Simon’s fault!

What are the chances of there being any daisy-loving thoughts while I am experiencing all that…jack shit!!

It becomes a vicious circle.

So I am really trying to focus on letting those negative, repetitive, soul destroying, limiting beliefs and thoughts go…fly off into the wind like a dandelion seed. I do NOT want to plant them anymore.

Deep breath….

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