We are ace!!

Why do we find this so difficult to acknowledge?

I’ll start.

I am ace at inspiring women to motivate themselves. I have the ability to get into their heads and make them think. I am brilliant at spotting the bullshit excuses and calling them out, with love of course! I have a natural ability to empathise with women as I have experienced a lot of the same things. I have a gift for this and It comes naturally to me. I love what I do. and I love even more the results it creates in others. This is my talent.

Well fuck a duck…that was hard!!!


Why is it so hard to admit to ourselves, and others, what we are good at?

It needs to stop.

How do we stop it, though, when almost every fibre of our being is shrivelling with embarrassment as we either write these words or say them out loud…to ourselves, let alone to anyone else!

Why do I feel the need to round it off with “oh but I am shit at the tech side of things and I still need to add up on my fingers!!”

Why can’t we just OWN our talents…just because they are true…without justification?

I want you to grab a pen and paper or use your notes app and write your talent down…your superpower.

Look I know the chance of you actually doing this is almost zilch…but I will ask anyway. If you cannot be arsed with actually writing then at least stop and think for a few minutes. Although actually writing it will magnify those excruciatingly uncomfortable feelings.

Don’t you dare tell me you have nothing…just don’t!!

We all have something we shine at!

Here are a few suggestions…although I have no idea what yours is, but just in case you are struggling to see beyond the heap of shit you continue to cover yourself in…





Organising holidays

Always finishing what you started

Playing piano to grade 8 standard

You speak 4 foreign languages

A great teacher

A wonderful mother

A fabulous friend

Always buy the best and most beautifully wrapped birthday presents

An inventive gardener

A fabulous cook

A brilliant business owner

You are empathetic

You are fit

You are consistent

You get up early and make the most of each day…even the shit ones!

You make people smile

You manage to get through a year without letting a house plant die!

Are you getting my drift?

Now it could be one or a combination of those. Of course, it could be none of those and something else entirely. What it could not be…is nothing….I am not having that!

So get thinking, don’t worry you don’t have to tell anyone, you don’t even have to say it out loud. What I do want you to do is to find it, write it down and keep telling yourself how ace you are, because you have this gift.

Acknowledge it, really feel it and start behaving like you believe it.

Oh and don’t just write ‘the thing’. I want you to do what I have done above…and write a whole paragraph about it. Yes I know that is harder, but that is the point.

I feel I need to give an example before you say “Fuck it…I am not doing that!”

Say that you can play the piano, (Might not be to grade 8…but you can play a tune with both hands confidently, don’t just write…I am quite good at playing the piano! That will feel far too easy!

Write something along the lines of…

I am really good at playing the piano confidently with both hands. I have always had a natural gift for reading music. I am proud of myself that I never gave up, especially on those days I didn’t want to practice when I was younger. Other people love to listen to me play and I often get asked to do so when we are out and someone spots a piano. My family love listening to the sound of me playing at home…and it brings a lot of joy to family life. I don’t just read the music, I play with my heart and soul and that is something that can’t be taught. This is my gift and I am really proud of myself.

Can you imagine how empowering it would be if we started living like we believed it. Whatever your gift or talents are…just imagine really owning them and being proud of them.

The problem is, we know no one likes a show off! How many times have we heard that growing up. We were told it by parents and teachers. It is not showing off…but it does feel like acknowledging ourselves in a positive way does make us feel more than slightly arrogant.

Well we need to get over ourselves quite frankly.

We need to start celebrating ourselves, without embarrassment or shyness.

I know it may be too much to ask all at once, but I simply want to make you aware of it, so you can at least start.

After all, you cannot create change without creating awareness…and I think you have heard me say that a few times before!

Now get writing you clever, beautiful, shining star that you are!


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