I Wish I Had Your Motivation!

Now just in case you are wondering what I am on about… let me give you another few examples of what you might catch yourself saying, or you hear other people saying it to you.

I wish I had your determination.

I wish I had your energy.

I wish I had your enthusiasm.

I wish I had your focus.

I wish I had your willpower.

I wish I had your consistency.

It’s funny that no one was wishing for what I had when I was four stone heavier.

It makes me laugh that no one ever wishes for my dry hair, my bad back, my lack of patience and my one big double chin that I affectionately name my Hessian Shopper!

What are you wishing for?

What do you wish for when you see Fat Janice, who is no longer fat because she worked her arse off in Lockdown and lost 3 stone?

Well, let me tell you… when I hear people say this, and I hear it often, about me, and other people who have been putting the effort in, it pisses me right off!!

For quite a few reasons…

  1. They seem to assume that all that energy, determination, willpower, consistency, focus and enthusiasm just comes easily… like we walked into Tesco, picked it off the shelf, along with the washing powder and avocados, paid for it, took it home and ate it!
  2. They don’t SEE the early morning workouts, the walks in the pissing rain, the running against the wind, the walk late at night because you have been working all day, but still want to get your steps in, the sweat stained carpet in your living room, the run you did on a Sunday morning in the freezing cold with a mild hangover and then the swollen ankle you were rewarded with as you tripped up over a pile of frozen horse shit and the fact that White Van Man always shouts at you mockingly on his way past most mornings.
  3. They don’t see the meal prep, cooking recipes from scratch, putting all your meals into My Fitness Pal (if that is your thing!), saying no to that second helping, not having crusty white bread with thick butter whenever you want, saying no to Jackie’s Birthday chocolate cake in the office and then again to Barry’s Box of Birthday biscuits the day after, passing on the cream slice at Mums on a Sunday and not moaning about cleaning the juicer.
  4. They don’t see your despair when you do all these things and yet your weight stays the same yet you don’t give up…you just keep going.
  5. They don’t see the internal arguments with your Betty Bitch Voice. Who do you think you are to want to lose weight and get fitter she cries, but you carry on regardless, even when you would rather stick pins in your eyes.
  6. They don’t see that to fit it all in you have to either set the alarm an hour earlier or get your workout in after a 12 hour shift rather than come home and sofa surf with a glass of wine and a pack of Jaffa cakes because you have nothing planned for tea.

The people who just want three wishes don’t SEE any of this…. and the thing that pisses me off most of all… is that they feel it is NEVER available to them… AND they bitch and moan about it!!

It’s an utter nonsense!!

We ALL have the ability to do these things, to make these sacrifices. Yes, of course, we all have issues and life problems we have to work around… but so did Fat Janice and all those other people who are achieving their health and fitness goals.  So if you ever hear yourself WISHING for something  that you haven’t got, (and I have been guilty of it too on a few occasions!) then give your head a bloody good wobble and STOP wishing and START taking some action.

If you are not prepared to give up your desire to wish then go and buy yourself a little brass lamp, give it a rub, hope like a hell a genie may appear, because if you continue to do sweet FA about really getting what you want and to where you want to be, then this is the only hope in hell you have of making any positive change.

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