Right…I am going to get straight to the point…

It amazes me how many people, (I have been guilty of this too, so don’t start taking it all personally!) bitch and moan that they stay stuck in the same body and mindset…yet they have done sweet FA to create any change!

Walking the dog slowly once a day in your wellies and having a cup of Slim-a-soup (remember those!) for lunch does not count…especially when you follow that cup of powdered shite with a doorstop egg sandwich and a bag of Kettle chips every day!

Top tip for you…I am not one to count calories but it really shocked me to see there were almost 700 calories in a bag of Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle chips! Obviously I am talking about a 150g bag…what weirdo buys the small ones!!

One brave lady on a Facebook Live admitted that she really thought this year was “going to be her year to finally get fit” and she was facing the brutal truth that actually she had done fuck all to make that happen. She was still exactly the same…carrying extra weight and still unfit.

(By the way, when does your weight stop becoming extra weight and just become part of who you are? I know that can be a painful question…but just sit with it for a moment)

I wanted to hug her, hug her for her honesty, hug her for her willingness to own the truth and then to share it so openly. What followed was so many women owning up to the very same…making promises at the beginning of the year, and then accepting that nothing had changed..why? BECAUSE THEY CHANGED NOTHING!!!

Change does not have to be big…but it does have to be CONSISTENT.

Do you know what…I am not going to say anymore…I am just gong to leave that with you and I want you to ask YOURSELF the question…

If you want to create change…are you willing to make the changes?

Its rhetorical. See what answers you come up with!



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