With Learn To Nordic Walk

Do you struggle to find an exercise you enjoy?

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise?

Do you wish you were fitter?

Would you like to lose a few pounds and tone up, especially your arms and tummy?

Are you fed up of trying something new again and again?

Would you love to learn to Nordic Walk but do not have an instructor in your area?

Welcome to the most incredible exercise… Nordic Walking!


Strengthen your upper body through resistance training without lifting weights AND burn fat at the same time… without being a sweaty mess.

Work up to 96% of your muscles, burn 46% more calories and make walking feel even easier than normal!

Nordic Walking makes you walk faster and farther, without getting as fatigued. It takes pressure off your lower limbs as your upper body is sharing the work load. It lessens pain in your knees, hips or ankles… meaning you can walk even farther!

Nordic Walking regularly will even increase your bone density.


Here you can see me in action.
It is noisier than usual as I had forgotten to put the rubber feet on my poles!


Learn to nordic walk


My brand new online course that will get you Nordic Walking

and on the road to a fitter, leaner, and lighter you in less than a week!

Not just another exercise fad


A lot of people exercise because they feel they SHOULD and so it is an effort and when the willpower packs up and walks way, they stop exercising as it just becomes too much effort.

Nordic Walking feels completely different…it is so enjoyable because it combines a great and efficient all over body workout with the added benefits of being in the great outdoors which has been proven to help with your mental wellbeing.

  • Tone your muscles and keep your bones strong
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Increase your fitness and strengthen your heart
  • Protect your hip, knee and ankle joints
  • Helps your mental well-being (this was the biggest bonus for me personally!)
  • It’s relaxing and enjoyable
  • AND you can do it almost anywhere.


Take it at your own pace – take your time or get it done in a few hours if you are a keen bean!

You don’t have to go to the expense or inconvenience of finding and fitting in with an instructor’s timetable – you can do it whenever!

Don’t get confused with trekking… this is VERY different and provides a much more effective workout!

I get asked a lot on my social media if I can just tell someone how to do it…but there really is more to it than just picking up a couple of sticks…it’s impossible to explain it all in one short Youtube video.

I have taught literally hundreds of people to Nordic Walk in my local area and on my Health and Fitness Retreats.

It never fails to make me smile when I see people experience that light bulb moment when they learn and feel the benefit of the poles and the positive difference they make to an ordinary walk.

Why would I ever want to go back to only working half the muscles in my body when I can work almost all of them for the same amount of time?

(Although I would never Nordic walk down the bread aisle in Tesco!)

I want to get as MANY people Nordic Walking as possible so that’s why I’m offering this course at a special price!





Yes, just £47. It is incredible value for what you get and to learn something that could truly change the way you choose to exercise for ever!

So no gym membership needed…the cost of this course is LESS than what you would pay for ONE session with a PT.

So what do you get in the Learn To Nordic Walk online course?


6 modules with a total of 35 simple, easy to follow, video lessons.

All modules and lessons are designed and ordered in such a way that you do a bit at a time, get comfortable with it and then move on.

It is delivered in the exact order I would teach you in a series of face to face 1-2-1 lessons, but at a fraction of the cost.

Just some of the great stuff you will learn:


The difference beteen Nordic Walking and Trekking (they are VERY different)

Which poles to use and how to set them up so they are right for you

What to wear – it may surprise you!

How using the poles activates almost all your muscles (bye bye Bingo Wings!!)

What to look out for so you can avoid common mistakes

How to improve your technique

How to walk uphill and downhill, you can Nordic Walk almost anywhere

You will be amazed at how quickly you can progress if you follow this course.

Soon you will not even have to think about it and and you will be Nordic Walking confidently, burning calories, burning fat, working 96% of your muscles!

You don’t need to travel to a gym, book a class, lift weights or force yourself to go for a run…you just learn to Nordic Walk then you simply pick up your poles and out the door you go…an all over body, low impact workout that works more muscles than running!!

We have all bought a piece of exercise equipment in the past and then found another use for it after a few weeks (that doesn’t involve any exercise!).

Think of the exercise bike clothes horse, ab roller, gym ball, hula hoop, mini trampoline or rowing machine that are gathering dust…I get it, I have done the same…but I know with such certainty that I will Nordic Walk for the rest of my life and so will a lot of the people I have taught.


I run Health and Fitness Retreats in Marakesh and online.

I have been a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor for almost 10 years.

I have taught and enjoyed many different forms of fitness over the years, Bodypump, Spinning, HIIT, Insanity, Swimming and Cycling.

I do love to get sweaty and I have always loved walking outdoors.

BUT.. if someone said I could only choose only ONE form of exercise to do for the rest of my life…it would always be NORDIC WALKING…it really is that good…but you have to try it to see and feel the benefits for yourself!


Edwina was my very first Nordic Walking client.

She looked very different when I first met her.

Once she could feel the difference that using Nordic Walking poles made, she was hooked.

She came to 3 of my walks every week, all about an hour long and she lost 3 1/2 stone in less than 12 months!

She was the fittest she had ever been and her muscle mass and bone density had increased dramatically along with her fat mass decreasing…making her a lot leaner…and smaller!!

She still loves it and has kept her weight off and has got even fitter!

Would you like to experience this life changing, low impact, all over body exercise for yourself?

What people are saying…

Just in case you have any questions…

Do I need to be a certain level of fitness to start Nordic Walking?

 No it is suitable for ALL levels. You may not have exercised for years and want to start improving your fitness, or you may be a regular runner looking for a great cross training workout. 

Where can I Nordic Walk?

Almost anywhere! Parks, fields, footpaths, pavements, beaches and countryside hills. I have Nordic Walked in the Scottish Highlands and Oxford Street in London!!

Is it the same as Trekking?

NO! It is very different and you cannot use the body transforming technique that you will learn on this course by using Trekking poles. Trekking poles just support when hiking and mountaineering while Nordic Walking poles enhance walking for health and fitness and really do turn a walk into a workout!

How long do you need to walk for to get a workout and feel the benefits?

It all depends on how far you like to walk and how much time you have. I sometimes go out for an hour or two but quite often I will do a 20 minute loop…and still get a great workout…without feeling shattered so it can be perfect for your lunch hour! I also enjoy getting an early start in summer and heading out for half a day sometimes….there is no right or wrong…whatever suits you! 

How do I do the course?

The course is broken down into 6 modules with video lessons in each module which are also broken down to make it easy to follow. Additionally there are written teaching points which is a handy checklist. The course is yours to keep so you can refer back to it whenever you need. 

Just click the BUY IT NOW button and get access to all the content straight away!

Do you want to find an exercise that…

…burns fat

…helps you lose weight

…tones muscle

…increases bone density

…is easy to fit in with your life

…you can enjoy on your own or with friends

…positively contributes to you mental well-being

…and most importantly of all…you WANT to do for the rest of you life so you really can achieve all these amazing benefits?


If you are answering YES then click below to BUY NOW before the price goes up!


I am so excited for you to learn to Nordic Walk.

I have seen it change so many peoples lives, honestly, and you too can experience this.

See you in there!



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