Are You Ready…

TO FEEL FABULOUS In The Clothes You Want To Wear?

(YES, even during the menopause!!)


Are your Menopause/peri-menopause symptoms affecting the way you live your life?

Have they left you feeling…

  • Unmotivated
  • Sluggish
  • Fat
  • Flat
  • Disheartened
  • Negative
All these feelings can lead you to
Barely doing any exercise due to low energy
Eating badly
Craving sugar constantly
Lots of negative self talk – I think we all have an ‘inner bitch voice’
Mindless snacking and constant food thoughts
Being irritable with those closest to you
Feeling anxious and low in mood
Not being bothered to make much effort
Feeling hopeless because even your leggings are feeling tight!
Putting yourself last

I get it…I have experienced every single one of these…sometimes all at the same time!

Why does no one warn us that when you enter this stage of your life, it can honestly feel like you just lose yourself ?!

You may already be on HRT, you may be trying to ‘go it alone’, you may have tried everything but still you feel like you have the motivation of a slow slug and you see your body continuing to expand…and one of the worst things…


It Is Time To Take Back Control

Do not wait to ‘get through’ the Menopause to FEEL better!

Welcome to your new START…it can happen a lot quicker than you think and it can start NOW with just one decision!

Look forward to very soon feeling…






Proud of yourself…
(that’s my favourite!)

Imagine ENJOYING exercising consistently, WANTING to choose foods that serve you better, enjoying GUILT FREE ice cream and chocolate, having MORE energy and looking FABULOUS in the clothes you WANT to wear not the clothes you HAVE to wear!

My name is Sally Wilkinson

I am a 52 year old Fitness Instructor and I am passionate about inspiring women to motivate themselves to make their own change. I run Health and Fitness Retreats both in the UK and Overseas and also Virtually online. I also run a thriving online community, full of amazing women who are just like you and me. I believe YOU should never leave this earth without ever experiencing just how AMAZING you can really feel. I am NOT willing to give over 10 years of my life to the menopause, feeling rubbish!

I am peri-menopausal and I have been totally shocked at the negative impact this has had on my mind and body. The anxiety it creates, low mood, lethargy, wanting to eat rubbish, not having the energy to exercise, starting to make excuses so I can justify not doing anything and then the fear that I don’t know when it is going to end! I am not a ‘menopause expert’ but I am an expert in experiencing the symptoms and the detrimental impact that they can have on me.

I have sometimes felt like just accepting that this is what it has to be like, but I know enough about health and fitness, and the positive difference it can make to my life…to really ease the menopausal symptoms, making sure I THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE through it!

Are you ready to take back control? Are you ready to start truly THRIVING and FEELING your BEST self? I do not prescribe hormones, well not the oestrogen and progrestrogen that we may all be on, I’ll save that for the ‘medical experts’, but I do prescribe a way to get more of the ‘Happy Hormone’ that seems to elude us at this time of life.


Kickstarter Fitness Kit

My Health and Fitness Bundle that really will KICKSTART Mid Life…FAST!!

Everything YOU Need!

A lot of women know what they SHOULD be doing to start getting fitter and lose weight…but often, are simply not motivated to make the effort…especially when you throw menopause symptoms in to the mix!

It takes far too much of your precious time to read books, search Youtube, research all the different plans and diets out there, it all feels like too much effort…so it’s easier to continue to do nothing or the bare minimum…which can make you feel even worse.

This Motivated Menopause® Kickstarter Fitness Kit Has Everything You Need All In One Place!

So What Do You Get In The

Motivated Menopause® Kickstarter Fitness Kit?

8 Fitness Videos

Working all parts of the body ranging from 5 – 35 minutes. These will all be delivered by me, in my own unique way and I will certainly get into your head and make you think…these are not run of the mill cookie cutter fitness sessions!

YOGA Stretch Video

 Taught by the amazing Shelley Grygar. She will guide you through a seris of Sun Salutations for you to do as often as you like. There is also a useful Sun Salutation Tutorial video to make sure you get the most out of it.  You do not have to be able to ‘DO’ yoga as Shelley makes you realise it is about so much more than holding poses and being bendy!

Mindset Coaching Video

Sam Wilde is a fantastic Transformational Mindset Coach who has a lot of experience working with women going through the menopause. Here he shares his knowledge and wisdom on how to get started…and keep going. He really will make you think!

52 Mindset Affirmations

Based around fitness, diet and self care. You can choose to do a different one daily and they really will help you to avoid what may be your default setting of waking up and worrying about the day ahead!

Accountability Sheet & Video

I want to share with you my simple, but brilliant Accountability Sheet and how it works. I have seen this one sheet and the method of how I teach you to use it, seriously change women’s lives for the better in my community.

52 High Protein Recipe Pack With a 4 Week Food Plan and Shopping List

 Beautiful colour photographs, Complete with nutritional information and My Fitness Pal Barcodes if you do like to track your food. 


Shelley will bring you to a place of stillness and teach you the importance of your breath.

3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse With All Recipes and Shopping List

You can do this as it was intended, over 3 days, or you can pick and choose any recipes to use on their own.



A 4 week more leisurely plan
A 2 week plan
A 1 week Intensive plan

All this really is MORE than enough to get you going. This Kickstarter Fitness Kit can literally change the way you feel about yourself.

You will be AMAZED at how quickly you start to feel lighter and brighter in both mind and body, which will increase your motivation to continue.

No Willpower Needed!
What my clients have to say…
Sally is a true inspiration in every sense of the word. She is like a gremlin on your shoulder – pushing you and cajoling you into doing what she knows you are capable of doing, but at the same time she is so motivational and encouraging.


A big thank you to Sally. It certainly was the ‘kick-start’ I needed to not only move more but to care for myself as I do others.


Sally’s passion and presence easily passes through the WiFi into my home and into my life and I end up fired up and powerhouse ready! My mindset is now in such a great place.


I was inspired, motivated and encouraged. I pushed myself and felt proud. A huge thank you to Sally, Sam and Shelley.


I Want To Help As Many Women As Possible

…to feel energised and motivated while going through the menopause, and importantly,
to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

I Want It To Be A No Brainer!

That is why I am launching this bundle at an incredible introductory offer!

Kickstarter Fitness Kit


8 Fitness Videos


Mindset Coaching Video


Accountability Sheet and Video


Yoga Stretch Video


3 Workout Plans


Meditation Video


52 Mindset Affirmations


52 High Protein Recipe Pack With 4 Week Food Plan & Shopping List


3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse With All Recipes and Shopping List

 As a launch bonus I am offering you this bundle at a special introductory offer!


Now only £28!

Yes, just £28!! That is incredible value for what you get and for something that can really equip you to deal with the downsides of menopause and to tackle it head on and come out Feeling Fabulous in The Clothes You Want To Wear!

So if YOU want to make a change, if YOU want to go from feeling flat and unmotivated to energised and totally inspired then sign up NOW before the price goes up…it really is too good an opportunity to miss!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just In Case You Have Any Questions.

Am I fit enough?

So many women pigeon hole themselves into the ‘not fit enough’ box! The fitness videos in this kit are suitable for all levels as I offer modifications on everything.

Do I have to do things in a certain order?

No, you can pick and choose and do it in any order you like, depending on how much time you have or what you feel like that day! The beauty of this is that it is NOT a course…when you feel rubbish if you get behind…and then abandon it in your inbox!

Do I need any equipment?

No…all the workouts are body weight based and are equipment free…so just a smile and a can do attitude is all you need!

I can’t DO yoga!

Do not worry…Shelley is unlike any other Yoga teacher I have come across. She firmly believes it is not about fancy poses and holding stretches until you are unable to breathe anymore, but more about connecting your body and mind and breath …to ‘let go of all those issues in your tissues’

Do I have to Juice?

Not at all…it is there as a fantastic bonus for the people who want to juice. The 3 day juice and homemade soup cleanse is designed to do over 3 days, and you will get some brilliant results. However, you can be flexible and you can just use the recipes as you wish or not juice at all. I have to say though the Pea and Mint soup is absolutely incredible and SO easy to make so you would be mad not to try that!!

That is it…everything you need, all packaged up in one simple place for you to use at your convenience.

No travel, no gym classes, no counting calories, no paying a fortune for an in depth fitness program that just focus on changing the body and forgets about the mind.

This Motivated Menopause® Kickstarter Fitness Kit really does give you everything you need for one fantastically low price…so you really do have nothing to lose!

So if you want to start feeling…energised, inspired, happier, refocused and fitter then click this link to buy your Motivated Menopause® Kickstarter Fitness Kit before the price goes up to the full price!

You really are more than worth it!

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