I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks and I love it already.

I have a pad and pen on a table just outside my bedroom door and every night as I go to bed, i leave my phone on charge on that table and I open my pad.

I simply sit and write a list (a list in my mind is anything from one to infinity!) of my wins that day.

Sometimes the list has one big thing on it or lots of seemingly irrelevant, small things…but were wins for me that day.

My wins and the definition of them can change with my mood, energy and how productive I am feeling.

One thing that I am quickly realising, I think I knew it anyway, is that I can ALWAYS find a win…even in what feels like the shittiest of days.

Some examples from last week…

I sorted out my whole wardrobe

I organised all my workout vests and created more space

I picked up the skipping rope from behind the sofa in the conservatory that I kept seeing when I was in the kitchen and then kept forgetting to move

I planned a weeks worth of meals

I said no to the chocolate and big bag of kettle chips

I signed up to a Mel Robbins course

I saw my Mum twice over the weekend

I got to bed early

I made 3 instagram Reels

I deleted some old photos

I didn’t press the snooze button

I woke up and decided to give myself an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep so re set my alarm

I got out of bed!!

I am really starting to enjoy looking for the wins in my day…there are so many, even when you think there isn’t. The fact that I am doing this makes me notice and acknowledge myself more throughout the day too.

So that’s it…short and very sweet this week.

I invite you to try it.

Get yourself a lovely pad and start noticing your wins and then write them down before you go to bed. It sure beats going to bed worrying about when you should start your Christmas shopping!!!!



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