“Another day in your life gone!”

This is what Chris Evans said to the thousands of people who were at Carfest as he made us all turn round and say goodbye to the sun.

It was utterly beautiful. The weather, the colour of the sky, the sunset, the music, the atmosphere and the friendly crowds.

‘Say goodbye to the sun and that is another day in your life done’ he said.

Now I am sure the majority of people there, let that one sentence pass them by, never really giving it another thought.

I on the other hand, have had it at the fore front of my mind ever since.

A stark reminder that all we have is today, and when the sun sets, it has gone, over with, never to be experienced again. All we have is the memory of that day.

We never know when we are going to experience our last day. Tomorrow, next month, next year or 37 years from now…we have no idea.

I am not telling you this to depress you. It is just a reminder that we really don’t know, and yet a lot of us, often spend our days not giving a shit about much, wasting time worrying about inane nonsense, struggling with our food choices, worrying about unimportant stuff that hasn’t even happened yet. Stuffing our faces with food we don’t really like to help mask our true feelings, sitting on our arses, blaming the weather for the reason that we don’t go out and walk in a morning. Letting your life become one big lie in.

I am guilty of this too sometimes.

Whatever happened yesterday has gone, it is done, finished, over. That applies if it was a bloody brilliant and joyful day or a hideously miserable and painful day. It has gone!

So next tine you find yourself stuck in a rut that seems to go on for days, and you feel incapable of making any positive choices, just remember with every new day, YOU really do get another chance for that day to be different, for you to make different choices, for you to feel differently.

So when you  watch a sunset in the future and you may remember this email and say to yourself ‘“Another day in my life gone’!” will that bring a smile to your face? If not…then maybe it’s time to change your choices, because you really don’t know how many you have left.

Phew…that was a bit deep. I am not sorry though, I just wanted to share it with you.


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