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Portugal Retreat



Welcome to my 7 day Get Over Yourself Retreats in the Algarve in Portugal!

Located just 40 minutes from Faro Airport.
This was an abandoned village in the mountains and it has been lovingly restored by the owner in 2018 into a purpose built retreat…it is absolutely stunning and so peaceful!

All the guests are in it together. I cater for all fitness levels so you will never be left behind. It really is truly special to see the teamwork, group support, camaraderie and friendship develop over the 7 days between everyone. That is only possible if we all do everything…plus it really does give you such a huge sense of achievement and pride…its priceless!

What will I experience on a Retreat?  

  • 3 freshly made juices a day
  • 1 freshly made soup
  • Body Rocker Bootcamp
  • Tabata
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Beautiful walks of varying lengths
  • Guided Meditation
  • Juice & Mindfulness talks
  • An amazing infinity pool with sun loungers!
  • A beautiful location in the mountains with amazing sunsets
  • Family game nights!



“Sally’s enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. Her ability to change lives is phenomenal – she doesn’t even realise she has this gift and that is what makes her so special. Just love her to bits.”



“I have had incredible inspirational, motivational week. Skin is glowing, eyes are bright, I’ve lost many inches, and I’m so much fitter and stronger. I have received infinite love and support from an amazing group of people ❤️Thank you so much Sally.”



“Sally and the team are a force for good if you choose to listen, act and challenge your own self limiting beliefs. 
Gratitude changes how you feel about everything. If you are sitting on the fence wondering, should I book it, can I afford it, what will it be like…treat yourself to a week of self care, where you leave your troubles at the bottom of the hill and find a new shinier version of you!”



Thank you! The Portugal retreat was a real life changer! All the positive affirmations and discipline are really taking hold. I feel fantastic and more confident. I admire your authenticity, vulnerability and transparency of your emotions and experiences, it is a powerful gift and message. Thank you for sharing it…you changed everyone’s lives who attended.


Please do not let this level of activity put you off.

The Retreats are structured in such a way to make them manageable.

I have seen so many people complete the 7 days, some haven’t exercised for years!

I want you to get the absolute most out of your week, both physically and mentally and I know how to do that so please do trust me!
You will leave feeling fitter and stronger in both body but more importantly mind, than you ever thought possible. Any inevitable weight loss will just be a bonus!

It truly is a special place. I want you to feel looked after and cared for while you challenge yourself at the same time.

All places are for a shared room. Please do not worry about this, we know it can make some people nervous but it really does end up adding to your retreat experience… amazing friendships have been made!

I want you to experience what it feels like to feel utterly fantastic…after just 1 week. It really is possible…after all…it is all in your head!

I want to inspire you and give you that belief so you can motivate yourself to make your own change. I want you to rediscover your MOJO!

I so look forward to seeing you there!

a typical day on the retreat

7:15 – Morning walk

9:00 – Yoga

10:30 – Juice

11:00 – Silent Reading

11:45 – Fitness

12:30 – Yoga

13:30 – Juice

Free time (Lounging by the pool)

16:15 – Juice

17:00 – Fitness

18:00 – Yoga

19:30 – Soup

Family game night (Optional!)

for only



Where is the Retreat based?

The retreat address is:

Rua da Cortiça
Corgas Bravas
São Brás de Alportel
Serra da Calderão

It is in the cork mountain region of the Algarve in Portugal just a 40 minute taxi journey from Faro airport.

Does the price include accommodation?
Yes, accommodation, juices, soups and all classes are included for your stay!
The only things not included are your flights and transfers to and from the airport.
We do give you a number of a local taxi firm who are very reliable and you can arrange your transfer direct with them.
I am worried about coming on my own and having to share a room.
We all feel out of our comfort zones when we do things on our own but these retreats are full of like minded people and the atmosphere and friendships that are made are fantastic bonuses.

Guests often comment that they have loved sharing a room at the end of the retreat! The rooms are spacious and beautiful and there are always areas to find your own peace in those moments you need it.

You can request a room to yourself but it would be almost twice the price.

I am worried that I will not be fit enough and will hold everyone up

This is always a worry for guests, whether they are coming to the 3 day retreat in the UK or on this 7 day retreat.

We cater for ALL fitness levels and truly believe that we should all work together as this creates an extremely supportive environment.

There are modifications in ALL the classes. Some guests have modified EVERYTHING and are still amazed at how effective this was. Do not ever feel bad for modifying…EVER!

What do I need to bring with me?

Lots of gym kit! It is up to you how often you change and also how you choose to dress in the evening. Some stay in gym kit for the soup and evening but most prefer to ditch the gym kit and wear something casual for the night.

  • A spare pair of trainers and socks – if you don’t want to get your new ones dusty on the walks.
  • A water bottle.
    You may want to carry a small rucksack if you want to carry water on the walks.
  • Some ear plugs and a sleep eye mask
  • Sun cream
  • Hair conditioner – shampoo and body wash is provided. There are hairdryers in the rooms too!
  • A book – there is a silent reading class!
  • A sense of humour and an open mind!
Is it for women only?

This is the same answer whether it is the UK retreats or Portugal but no it is not just for women. There does tend to be more women but men are very welcome. There are usually some men on every retreat even if they are sometimes dragged by their other halves! 

I am allergic to Pineapple/Dairy/Banana etc.
We can accommodate any allergy issues and intolerances but please do be sure though to let us know beforehand and we can make adjustments. This is however not a pick and choose menu and just not liking something will not result in changing a recipe. 
You will be amazed that you can hardly taste your least favourite vegetable…so enjoy!
Do I have to take part in all the activities?
This is not one of those retreats where you can sit on your sun loungers relaxing with a book all day…this will not get you the life affirming results that I know can be gained.
We all work together and do all the classes (You do get 2 free passes!) It is hard to describe the incredible bond that is formed between the guests…and that is only made possible by all working together…even when you sometimes may not feel like it…its just incredible! Please trust me on this…and more importantly…trust yourself! 
Will it be too hot?
It’s summer in Portugal so the sun should be shining!

We walk first thing in the morning when it is cooler, often seeing the beautiful sunrise. 

All the bedrooms, and public areas, including the yoga/fitness studios have air conditioning…so any outdoor heat really isn’t a problem. 


Focused Fortnight is currently closed. The next programme will be coming in June 2020. Join the waitlist and be the first to find out when it reopens.

Thank you! We will be in touch as soon as Focused Fortnight reopens.

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