2 Day Virtual Retreat: 15th – 16th May 2021


After running our first 2 day retreat in January we asked whether guests would prefer 2 or 3 days for virtual retreats. The January retreat created a great kick start in just 2 days and did not mean having to take the Friday off from whatever Friday is filled with these days (it does also mean they cost less!). The votes have been counted and verified (by us) and we are going to run these virtual events over the 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

A 2 Day online health and fitness retreat weekend including exercise, yoga, coaching sessions and much more!!

2 Days filled chock-a-block with fitness and so much more can have such a huge impact. You can achieve so much in both mind and body.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Welcome to Get Over Yourself Virtual Retreat - a 2 day health and fitness weekend!

You will experience

  • 2 Live Fitness sessions a day
  • 2 live Yoga/meditation sessions a day
  • 3 live group coaching sessions
  • Mindfulness/motivational talks throughout the 2 days
  • ‘Group’ walks daily
  • Optional 3 day juice and soup cleanse.
  • All recipes and shopping lists provided
  • Laughter, fun and a sense of community is a given over the whole weekend!
  • A no Bulls**t approach to help you connect to who you want to be.All of these will be run in a PRIVATE facebook group and on ZOOM

Retreats run from Saturday to Sunday

Please read the Terms and Conditions.


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