Get Over Yourself

Virtual Retreat

A Mind and Body Reboot…and FAST! 

Are you exercising less and eating more?
Are you carrying more weight than you would like?
Are you struggling to motivate yourself?
Are your jeans tight…or are they just in your drawer?!
Are you snacking mindlessly and having constant thoughts about food?
Do you keep telling yourself you will start on Monday!
Are you irritable with those close to you because really you are annoyed at yourself because of all of the above??!

All this leaves you feeling…sluggish, flat, fat, disheartened and unmotivated.

I get it…it feels hopeless when you know what you should be doing to feel more energised but in reality…you just can’t seem to get going.

Do you wish you felt better NOW?!

Do you want to feel energised, motivated, inspired, re-focused, lighter and fitter?
Do you want to stop pressing the snooze button?
Do you want to enjoy exercising and eating well?
Would you like to eat chocolate or ice cream without any guilt?
Do you want to wear the clothes you love and put them on without having to hold your breath!!

Welcome to my ONLINE Virtual Retreat Weekend!

The Virtual Retreat weekend will bring you out of a  physical slump so that you come out of it feeling fitter, whilst breaking down any limiting beliefs that you may have and may stop you moving forward.
We will bring your head back into a state of positivity to enable you to overcome procrastinations and mental excuses that hold you back in so many areas of your life!
Even though I never have weight loss as a priority…there is no measuring, weighing, taking before and after photos…guests DID lose weight!
Some reported 5lbs in just 3 days…but remember THIS IS THE BONUS!
What you end up coming away with means so much more!
It is SO not all about the fitness and weight loss…read on!
I will be teaching the fitness classes. Don’t worry if you are ‘unfit’ or ‘too old’ it’s all a nonsense that we keep telling ourselves!
I will give you modifications for all the exercises…and you will soon see that you can do so much more than you thought you can…and when you start to really believe that…that is when the magic happens!

Simon Wilkinson is my other half who happens to be an NLP Practitioner.

He will be doing a session on Habits. We all have them, good and bad, but Simon will be introducing you to how to create new habits that can have a long lasting impact. 

Sam Wilde is my amazing Mindset Coach and he will be doing 2 group coaching sessions. He will really challenge your current way of thinking…in a positive way!
Everyone loves him…his wonderfully calm demeanour is a great contrast to mine!!

What will I experience on a Retreat?


  • 2 Live fitness sessions a day

  • 2 Live yoga/meditation sessions a day

  • Live group coaching sessions

  • Mindfulness/motivational talks throughout the retreat weekend

  • ‘Group’ walks daily

  • Optional  weekend juice and soup cleanse

  • All recipes and shopping lists will be provided

  • Laughter, fun and a sense of community is a given over the whole weekend! 

  • All of these will be run in a PRIVATE Facebook group and on ZOOM 





I cannot stress just how impactful these weekends can be. There is no transport and accommodation costs. There is no packing your bags and organising childcare.

The guests who do my Virtual Retreats are amazed at how much they enjoy doing it in their own home. They book, thinking that may be the only downside, as life goes on and some have children running around… but they report that it ends up being the BIGGEST positive as they are able to just fit it in around their ‘at home’ circumstances. 

This is why there will be plenty of breaks between classes so you CAN fit your home life and family around the retreat.

You can dip in and out of the ‘retreat’ if you want or you can embrace the whole experience and not miss a minute…it really is up to you and what works best for you…given your circumstances.

Some guests are from completely different time zones and they still love it and make it work for them.

So come and join this wonderfully nurturing, positive, energetic, calming, supportive and extremely empowering weekend!

Come and treat yourself, and see for yourself just how possible it is to flick that switch from feeling lethargic and low to fit and fabulous in both body and mind in JUST a weekend!!!


“What an amazing 3 days. I pushed myself and achieved more than I thought I could do!”



“I didn’t think I would do it but I did every single bit. I do beat myself up about my lack of confidence and now I have finally found someone in Sally who I believe can really turn my life around”



“What a success… I had no idea what to expect as a newbie…  I have enjoyed every minute… the exercise and the positive down to earth approach”


Force of Nature

“A great 3 days and made me realise I can do anything I set my mind to”



“”I’m completely overwhelmed by what I was a part of this weekend.It was my first dip into anything like this and the feeling of community, camaraderie, support, and love has been amazing, uplifting and quite frankly just magical.”


Do something today that your future self will thank you for!



Focused Fortnight is currently closed. The next programme will be coming in June 2020. Join the waitlist and be the first to find out when it reopens.

Thank you! We will be in touch as soon as Focused Fortnight reopens.

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