Have a think back over the last few years and what do you keep saying to yourself, and anyone else who will listen, what you would really like to do….but still have done nothing to make it happen.
It doesn’t have to be a big thing either, just something that you keep saying you wish you could do or you keep meaning to do it…and yet you just don’t take any action towards it.
I think this has been brought to the forefront of my mind because this week as I have finally posted 4 parcels that contain my book proposal, my actual book, (my homemade printed version!), some fancy coffee and teabags from Atkinsons, a local and very old coffee company in Lancaster and a box of Lindor balls!
I have sent two to Penguin, one to a book agent and the other one to Mel Robbins!
Finishing my book has taken me over 6 years, as there was a lot of procrastination involved. Actually sending off those parcels, even though there is a long way to go yet, marked the fact that my eventual consistent action taking, actually got the job finished.
It’s a reminder that there are no shortcuts…if you want something for yourself, you simply have to do the work, as no one is going to come and do it for you.
We can waste so much time wishing and hoping but not actually DOING.
So I would like you to think about what it is you keep putting off, what are you all talk and no action about?
Here are a few suggestions, just in case you think you don’t have anything…
Learning Italian
Prepping food
Learning the piano
Getting up early for a morning walk
Moving house
Changing relationship
Converting the garage
Putting hand cream on every night
Flossing your teeth
Losing 2 stone
Making a dress
Starting cross stitch
Joining a choir
Joining a netball team
Painting the bedroom
Getting black out blinds
Stop taking your phone to bed
Stop drinking 6 nights a week
Stop eating chocolate every day
Cut your hair short
Find some new friends
Contact your friend you have not spoken to for 8 years
Get the fittest you have ever been
I could go on and on with this list…but I hope you get the gist.
We always have the choice and the control to choose and that is a gift. When we choose to consistently NOT do the things we keep telling ourselves we want to do, it can feel so demoralising that we even have to listen to our own nonsense excuses why we are not taking some positive action.
Ask yourself…do you want it enough. If the answer is no, then just let it go, or look for something else that you do want enough to inspire you to take action.
Another downside of choosing to never take action is that you then have to look on at the people who have chosen to just get it done and succeed.
You don’t even have to know them, it could be a celebrity that has just run finished the Couch to 5K, while you are still telling everyone you have always wanted to do it.
It could be that Janice, next door but two, has lost 2 and a half stone while you have put on the same amount of weight. You probably hate Janice!
Whoever it is, and whatever the success is, it just acts as a big shiny mirror being held up to you and your choices to not take action…and that can be bloody uncomfortable.
So if you are struggling to find something that you have wanted to accomplish for a long time, look at what others have done, and if you have felt triggered, or the slightest bit of envy at others achievements…that is maybe where you need to start…rather than silently wishing you had their motivation.
So have a think, what do you really want to do or achieve, then start actually taking some consistent action to make it happen…if for no other reason than it feels bloody good that you did!
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