How many things do you do out of pure habit.

Now I am not necessarily talking about your eating or exercise habits…I mean the seemingly mundane every day things.

Where you park in the supermarket car park?

What order do you walk down the aisles?

What part of the bus/train/tube do you sit on?

Do you always walk the same way around a route?

Which TV programmes you watch?

Do you eat the same sandwich and coffee from the same place every week day?

Do you go into the same shops every time when you have a day out shopping?

Your day to day life is made up of hundreds of these tiny little decisions, which in fact, won’t feel like decisions at all, because they are such automatic habits.

These things are so habitual, we do them without even questioning them. Well I would like to challenge you to do exactly that this week.

I want you to seek out as many areas as possible where you could do something differently, no matter how small.

I spoke about this in The Tribe, my private monthly membership this week, one lady posted to say she has even started sitting on a different chair in an evening.

This might not seem like a lot, but you are challenging yourself every time you make a conscious decision to try something different. So it is not the size of the task that is important, it is the fact that you are simply waking up your subconscious mind and consciously choosing a different way.

This will no doubt have a knock on affect on all the other choices and decisions that you make…it simply makes you more aware of the actual decisions YOU are making every day.

So when you automatically have that biscuit with your cup of tea, say yes to the birthday cake in the office and always have a pudding after your evening meal, you will be training yourself to think twice and ask yourself if you actually REALLY want it, or just doing out of pure habit.

Try it for a week and see.

Next time you go shopping, go into a shop you have never been into…just because.

Listen to a different artist instead of your usual playlist.

Try a fruit or vegetable that you have no idea how to cook!



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