If you had to wake up every morning and buy your hours with time tokens, what would you spend them on?

So imagine you had to visit Kiosk Keith every morning and you could spend your daily time tokens on absolutely anything, what would you choose? (For those of you who don’t know, Kiosk Keith was the bloke in the little wooden shack in I’m A Celebrity!)

Nothing is off limits, and there is never any judgement. You can buy as many minutes or hours of anything you want and you get to choose every single day.

Isn’t it an absolute nonsense that we would actually choose mindless scrolling, arguing, snoozing in bed, playing Candy Crush for hours or bitching and moaning about things and situations we can’t control!

Think about it, cast your mind back over just this week, and ask yourself, what have you been CHOOSING to spend your time tokens on?

I asked the question to the lovely Tribe on Monday morning and scrolling was a popular one, one lovely lady said she had spent an hour arguing with her husband about who left the oven on then a further 2 hours not speaking to each other!!

We all do it…waste out precious time on stuff that really does not serve us or enhances our lives. We choose to waste our time tokens every single day.

Keith never runs out of stuff either, and he says his best seller is scrolling, followed by lying in bed on the phone or iPad. Keith doesn’t judge, and he will give you whatever you ask for.

The best thing is though is Keith also offers exchanges…so if you had chosen 3 hours of scrolling, and then you have a word with yourself after 72 minutes, you can exchange the remaining 1 hour and 48 minutes for a walk, or lunch with a friend.

Isn’t it mad that you would actually CHOOSE 3 hours of scrolling in a single day…but people do…often!

We only get 24 time tokens a day and once they are gone they are gone…so why not put a bit more care and thought on what you are going to spend them on.

Notice the times when you are not happy with a particular thing you have spent your time token on, and always know that Keith offers immediate exchanges. So if you catch yourself mindless eating in the evenings, know you can exchange the remainder of that time token for reading a book or whatever else takes your fancy.

An actual task for you. Why not make a quick list of all the different time tokens you have spent in the last 48 hours. Be totally honest with yourself. Obviously I doubt you will be able to remember every minute, but you will get an idea of what are your favourites.

Now just a thought…I say ‘your favourites’ but I bet a lot of the things you choose to buy are far from your favourite, they just happen to be what you do most of the time….and that can be a very bitter pill to swallow.

BUT YOU GET TO CHOOSE AGAIN EVERY SINGLE DAY….so if you are not happy with where you are at right now, swallow that pill and make different choices…and that really is a gift!


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