Every week I write an email which I send out to our email list (on a Friday if you cannot guess once you had read through this blog!) (you can join the email list by clicking on the link on the main blog page!)  and I thought that I would share one of them here on the website! It is not the happiest of subjects but it is real and I had to just get it off my chest when the “unvited guest” came calling.

Is it really Friday…again?   

It frightens me that ‘they’ say (who the F are ‘they’ anyway!) the older you get the quicker time flies…well I am only 50 (51 now!)  and surely it can’t possibly go any quicker!!

I am only starting with this as a justification that I didn’t write my Friday morning email yesterday!! I thought it was still Tuesday!!! 
So here it is coming about later on in the day rather than 6.00am!

This is also my reason for sharing with you a post I posted on my Facebook and Instagram this week and the surprising reaction to it. 
So apologies (not really!) if you have seen it already…but you know how I like to repeat myself!!

I did a quick post on my Instagram stories last week with this photo. ⠀

I hadn’t posted for a couple of days as just hadn’t felt in the mood to be quite honest. 

I did a quick minute video to say I had felt a bit shit because I had woken up feeling really anxious. ⠀

It’s a horrible feeling and comes from no-where, uninvited, and just sits with you. 

I literally feel like I am walking into a room and there are people hiding and are going to jump out and frighten me. ⠀

That feeling of mild fear is mixed with a sense of impending doom. It feels so real, and my chest feels heavy, like an elephant has decided to take a rest on it. ⠀

I have absolutely nothing physical going on in my life to warrant these feelings, which makes it so difficult to comprehend…and then makes me feel guilty. 

Unlike 4  years ago when I was in the middle of my depression, which was brought on from the fear and shame of Bankruptcy, being visited by bailiffs, and ‘gangsters’, 

At least then I had a reason to feel so low and fearful. ⠀

Depression sometimes felt easier, because I just went to bed for months and didn’t really care about much. ⠀

What amazes me is that I did a poll on my Insta stories and 93% of people say they have or do feel the same…over 350 people could relate to feeling anxious. ⠀

It was honestly quite a relief, that so many people understood…and it wasn’t just women either…although I do believe for me it is related to hormones. ⠀

People tell me it is a symptom of peri/menopause…nice! ⠀

So if you ever feel this anxiety then please know you are almost certainly not on your own…and like any mood…it always passes. 

I feel I need to lighten the mood before I leave you…I did another Instagram Poll on my stories yesterday, (I love a poll!)…

 I had a bath after open water swimming and I decided to indulge in a bag (small family size!) of well deserved minstrels…and I was curious what the little blue sticker was on the back of the bag!

After reading the instructions it transpired that it was in fact a handy little sticker so you could fold the bag over when you have decided you have had enough minstrels and seal it properly, using said sticker.

Handy my arse!!!! What nob head re-seals a bag of minstrels, or any other chocolate for that matter??!!

 I was intrigued and asked my Instagram Story followers (I love them!) if they would ever feel the need to re seal a bag of minstrels (small family size…eaten by ones self!) And a whopping 75% said NO! (That’s why I love them!!) that was 321 people all getting me!! 

 The other 25% are fibbing I reckon!! (If that is you then you know I am having a jape!!) OR they could be men…I am not one to usually generalise among the sexes but a bet a months supply of luxury Ice cream that it was a man that came up with the over engineered invention of that handy little sticker…save it for a bag of rice mate!!!


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