Read that title again….

Now you know I don’t often focus on weight loss…but I know that ultimately it is what most people want to achieve…and I couldn’t fit the rest of the examples in the title!

This question could easily relate to any of the below.

What are YOU doing now, NOT to….

Get Fitter

Learn Spanish

Change your eating habits

Study for that degree

Get more sleep

Have better relationships

I will stick with the weight loss example…as I bet my mortgage that if you had a choice of being 20lbs lighter or being able to ask for directions in Spain you would take the weight loss all day long!!

People will usually ask “How can I lose weight?”

I never quite get it myself…as I believe we all know what to do, but you pretending that you don’t sort of saves you putting in the effort…while you wait for a magical answer from some mysterious source!

Sam, the mindset coach in my private membership The Tribe, changed it around and suggested you answer the question instead…and here it is again for the third time!

What are YOU doing now NOT to lose weight?

Oohhh….that could touch a few nerves I think, myself included….

This would have to be my TRUTHFUL answer sometimes, or at least when I am gaining a few pounds…

I am NOT getting up and going for a walk

I am NOT doing the workout I promised myself

I am NOT drinking much water

I am NOT meditating

I am NOT cooking for myself or planning healthy meals

I am NOT getting an early night most nights of the week

I am NOT being grateful for everything I have in my life

I am NOT getting up when the alarm goes off as I choose to snooze for 40 minutes, which always really pisses me off and ruins my day, before it has even started…BUT I DO IT ANYWAY!!!!

I am NOT counting my steps.

I am NOT being kind to myself or with others in the way that I speak, as I am frustrated.

I am NOT brushing my teeth for 2 minutes! (True…this is when I know I am really bad!)

I could go on….THAT…yes, all that above is why I would not be losing weight!

Get a pad, or write on your notes APP…YOUR list of what YOU are not doing with regards to what you want to achieve. Remember it does not have to be weight loss.


OWN IT…don’t judge yourself…just be bloody truthful and own it!

Yes, it may make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but never bloody mind that. It’ not as uncomfortable as the shitty feeling of frustration and constant disappointment in yourself when you continue to do NOTHING towards getting closer to whatever your goal may be!

Sit with it…and enjoy the new awareness…then it is up to YOU and YOU alone if you choose to take positive action.

You CAN do it.


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