I have mentioned before that I receive an email Monday to Friday from The Universe (Its actually called The Universe Talks – TUT) and I love them. Google it if you are interested!

I put my favourites in an email folder and I sometimes read them when I am feeling the need to be inspired.

I’ve just had a look and this one jumped out.

Funny, Sally, most folks “there” are waiting for a sign of sorts from folks “here,” before they make a move, take action, or commit.

Same “here.”

Let this be your sign,

The Universe

I remember when this first landed in my inbox last year, I had to read it a few times to make sense of it….if you are struggling then let me help you….

Get off your arse and take some action towards where you want to be, because no fucker is going to come and do it for you. It’s no good believing that The Universe is going to magic it up…YOU HAVE TO START THE BALL ROLLING!!

Do you know what…I don’t want to dilute this message with unnecessary waffle so I am just going to leave it there…now go and start rolling that bloody ball!!!



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