Do you ever wonder why when you say want something so much, then you don’t actually make it happen?

You may want to…

Lose weight

Run a 5K

Do full press ups

Learn to play the piano

Take better photos on your phone

Do one pull up

I have wanted to do all of these sometime in the past, some I have done successfully, some I have mastered and let slip and some I gave up on after a week or two.

I recently listened to a few podcasts and I can’t remember which one this tiny little, but powerful quote came from.

“The difference that makes the difference is ACTION.

I know this already, as I have written about it in my book and I have no doubt sent previous  similar messages, but this is just another slightly different way of saying it.

It really got me pondering, and annoying Simon with my thoughts. It is so obvious, yet so many of us just don’t take the action needed to make a change.

If we do take the action, we don’t do it for long enough.

If we do take the action, we don’t do it consistently.

Then we get pissed off that nothing happens and we just stop.

He went on to say, sorry I can’t remember who it was, that you need to have the 3 H’s in place.


So that means that the idea, notion or desire is in your HEAD

Then you feel it in your HEART, this is your why?

Then you use your HANDS to take the action.

Now the common problem is that more often than not the HEART is missed out so say, (and this is my thought process now) you want to give up sugar, you get the idea in your head, then you eliminate all sugar form your diet. Your head is telling your hands not to pick up the sugar and eat it.

This may well last a week or two, or even only an hour or two, because you are having to use willpower.

Now if you included the HEART, you would have asked yourself…WHY do you want to give up sugar, really ask yourself WHY? You need to feel it, and more than just the vague answer because you want to lose weight.

Once you have your why, you have more chance of your hands reaching for the fruit, or non processed foods, than the nearest easter egg that you have already bought and replaced 3 times! (can you tell I have done that!)

This whole premise in not news to me, but it is very relevant at the moment, and this is why it made me stop and think.

For the last 4 weeks I have had no sugar at all. (apart form 3 mindful and beautiful deserts on holiday)

No Ice cream, no cake, no sweets and no chocolate.

I have not used a single ounce of willpower. The fact is, I spent the two previous weeks, journalling on all my food choices. That sounds more arduous than intended. All I did was write a list of all the foods I ate, including chocolate crisps and toast and then a paragraph or two on how it all made me feel…even the healthy stuff.

If I ate it, I wrote about it. Took me less than 10 minutes every day.

What a difference it has made. By the time I decided to omit sugar, I just don’t want it anymore. We have just got back from our cruise and there was an ice cream bar open every day and the most delightful looking puddings that you could have as many as you want of in the Galley Kitchen…and I didn’t have a single one…just didn’t want them.

The three I did have were part of an experience in the restaurant and test kitchen and they were lovely.

The reason, I believe, I have not wanted them is because the effort I made to journal for 2 weeks on my food choices. This involved my HEART and so my HEAD and HANDS are now making different choices.

I have my WHY – I don’t want to spend a lifetime of relying on sugar, creating fake happiness, and making me feel low, fat, bloated, ugly and useless. I was eating it nearly every day and that is why I fell into a hole after Christmas and have stayed there longer than I want.

Well my ladder is now placed firmly against the wall and I am climbing out and it feels great to take back the power.

I am so much more aware of all the crappy processed foods that are disguised as health products…although I have been aware of this for a long time…it’s just been put into proper practice and I am not wanting any of it.

I am not saying I won’t have an ice cream or pizza ever again…but I want enough time without it for my body to start to heal and move like it was intended. I simply want to feel amazing again instead of just a bit shit. I honestly do not think that is too much to ask, but I am aware that of course, I have to put some effort in.

The beauty of it at the moment though, because my WHY is so strong, is that to feels far from an effort to make great food choices.

I actually lost one pound on holiday which is unheard of, unless I am on a retreat. Now I know it’s not about weight loss, in fact before that I haven’t lost any weight yet…but I am in this for the long haul, to completely change my relationship with sugar and using that, and heavily processed food as a crutch far too often. Any weight loss, will be the bonus.

First day back from holiday on Sunday and we had to do a food shop. Two great rugby matches to watch, and usually this would have involved crisps, wine, and a take away…instead we sat with a herbal tea and loved every second of it, then an early night!

I have to say I did feel slight smug pride as I walked round Tesco with my colourful trolly of many different vegetables, meat, fish and eggs.

My head, heart and hands are all connected and working in unison to give me a positive outcome, but remember they can work in unison too to do the exact opposite.

You can choose to change that too at anytime….now what a gift that is.

Why not focus on your WHY for whatever area of your life you keep saying you want to change but then do nothing.

What WHY is going to fill your HEART so it can work in unison with your HEAD and your HANDS?


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