What to do when you can’t be arsed?

Do it anyway!

Do it, ESPECIALLY when you can’t be arsed!

I recently ran a free 5 day fitness challenge which has been epic!

Over 4.5K women and a handful of men in the private facebook group, all wanting to feel better, a live 25 minute HIIT workout every morning.

Running these challenges really does give you a reminder of all the different personality types of how people approach getting fitter an healthier.

Some join and absolutely smash the whole 5 days live

Some join and smash the whole 5 days and do some on catch up

Some join and feel like they have failed if they can’t do it all live

Some join and have to modify the exercises and still get through the whole workout

Some join and have to modify and see that as failure so give up

Some join and accept that they will do the whole thing on catch up and smash it

Some join and drop out after 1 day because it’s too much effort

Some join and miss the first day and say they will catch up tomorrow, but don’t

Some join and miss the first 3 days but then smash it by catching up on all 5 videos

Some join and don’t turn up to the first session

Some join and don’t even join the Facebook group.

I could go on with many different scenarios, but the one differentiation between all these, is some of these choices are going to move them forward and some are going to keep them where they are.

Some people give up easily and are simply not willing to put in the effort. Its not a judgement, it’s an observation, and I am no longer talking about the free challenge, I am talking about you and life in general.

The thing is when you run challenge like this, you get to see so many different scenarios. Why not ask yourself where would you sit in there…truly?

The proof is in the finishing. It does not matter how you get to the finish line, be it a free 5 day challenge or a challenge you have set yourself, as long as you get there.

If you do quit half way through then ask yourself why?

It is the workouts, the walks, the studying, the eating plan, the cleaning, whatever it may be, it is those that you do when you really don’t feel like doing them that make the BIGGEST difference. It is those times that you CHOOSE to do it anyway that absolutely will ensure you make progress.

So many people choose the easier option…as that is easier at that time. If you find yourself doing this, just look a day or a week ahead and ask yourself if you could turn back time, then would you have made a different choice?

I’m going to leave it there and let you ponder on it.

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