Some days you just feel like you want to give up!

Give up the…

  • Early morning walks
  • The weights sessions
  • Making your food from scratch
  • The daily cold dips
  • The meditation
  • The journalling
  • Getting to bed before 10 without your phone
  • Drinking the water
  • Reading the book
  • Getting up as soon as the alarm goes off
  • Anything that requires a modicum of effort!


Some days, we all feel like that…and I am so bloody grateful it is just some days and not ALL of the days, as I have been there before!

I was doing my 30 minute weights session and my Betty Bitch Voice was screaming at me with every repetition to just stop, put the weights down and go and have some toast.

(If you don’t know, Betty is my internal chatter, often tends to be negative, we all have one…name yours what you like, Negative Nelly is a popular choice!)

“You are tired, you have been doing really well, have a day off, It doesn’t matter if you only do two sessions this week instead of three, missing one won’t make a difference, just stop and go and have some toast instead…it will make you feel better, you have got too much fat at the moment to see any muscle anyway!”

She can be a right mean bitch sometimes!

I won…I let Betty prattle on and yet I finished the workout session. It was a close call today though I tell you!

I love doing and achieving all those things above, and some of them have become positive life long habits, but some days it just feels so much harder. I want to remind you that it is on those days when you achieve what you have set out to do, when you really really don’t want to do it, that will contribute most to any change you are wanting to make…so please don’t waste them.

See them as a gift, as a reminder that often change doesn’t come easily, if it did, we would all be exactly where we wanted to be, physically and mentally. So it is a reminder to be bloody proud of yourself that you did it…another success under your belt.

Sometimes it is not pretty…but done is done!

I often think people make the mistake of setting off on the road to positive change and expect it all to go smoothly…you are either doing the work, whatever that may be, or you are not…in other words it has to be all or nothing….I couldn’t disagree with it more.

Some days you will fail, some days you will half arse it, some days you will shine so bloody brightly the world will need sunglasses and some days Betty will win and you will do sweet FA and you won’t even be able to do that without guilt, so a double whammy of shame too!




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