During a Facebook Live on Get Over Yourself I ended it with one of my usual little readings about acknowledging your progress and how we don’t say “well done” to ourselves often enough.

As it was live, there were quite a few comments from people watching.

There was one particular comment from a lady that stopped me in my tracks. I am going to share it here as my Facebook page is an open forum so it was never private…

“I think I’m a lost cause. All I do is scroll through social media watching everyone else getting fit healthy and happy, yet I can’t seem to find the energy or motivation to make the huge changes I need to. Feel like I’m the only one who can’t do it. Total lost cause”

I bet we can all relate to this. I know I have felt like this at times in the past. It can be debilitating and the worse you feel, the harder it then feels to get moving again. You replace your good habits with scrolling which just makes everything worse as you assume that everyone else has got it together while you are left wallowing in your own slug slime…or that bit just might be me!

Immediately after reading her comment, my advice to her was quick and simple. There was one key word in her sentence that I knew would be holding her back and making her feel so stagnant.


She felt like the changes she needed to start making were huge…no wonder she wasn’t doing anything about it. How would she ever feel motivated to change if she thought her actions needed to be huge, when it was clear that everything apart from scrolling was too much effort.

I was on it instantly…I just can’t help myself!

I told her that it was the complete opposite….NO huge change was needed…she just needed to start.

I challenged her there and then to go out for a twenty minute walk today. NO excuses. and it was pissing it down!

I know form my own experience and from running programmes like The 20 Minute Triumph that committing to this small thing makes such a massive difference. If she took my challenge, she would absolutely go to bed tonight feeling just a little bit chuffed with herself!

Other ladies watching were giving her encouragement too, saying that they understood how she felt (got to love my followers!) It was lovely to see. She took on the challenge and agreed to go out for a 20 minute walk today!!

She would have left that facebook live feeling a whole lot better than when she joined it. I am not pointing that out to big myself up, I am illustrating that you do not have to make HUGE changes to start making a difference. You do not have to lose 2 stone, you do not have to be able to run 5k, you do not have to be doing HIIT workouts every day…you just have to start!

So what have you been putting off because you feel it is going to need HUGE action, what are you NOT doing because you feel it requires HUGE effort?

Break it down and just start…you will never regret it.

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