Just need to get this out of the way first… 

Did you know I am an actual Ironman? Even though i was a little bit late on the day!! 

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know the reasons for me undertaking such a ridiculously rude task! 

I know I don’t look like one, although I don’t think there is a set picture of what one should look like…but I only have to see the look of more than mild surprise in people’s faces when they find out!! 

I know it can never be taken away from me, and I have toyed with the idea of doing it again…a bit like I toyed with the idea of being an air hostess when I was 9…but I haven’t yet…because it was so bloody hard!!  

After the Ironman silliness, it took me a while to adjust to thinking I was doing OK if I was just doing a bike ride or a 5K run…or even just walking the dog…as depending on my mood…that could sometimes feel like a bloody Ironman in itself! 

The truth is…ANY movement is brilliant…yes, some yield more calorie burn (if that is what you are looking for) than others, some will do more for your fitness, but I believe all kinds of movement serves your mental health…and can give you that little smug feeling that you even made the effort. 

I just love moving my body, in a variety of ways…HIIT, Indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, trying to run, walking, Nordic Walking (my favourite!) yoga…even swimming sometimes.
Best of all, I just love being active throughout the day…getting my steps in. 

I have set myself a goal this a year of committing  to a minimum of 10K steps every single day…yes, I know it’s not all about the steps. Sometimes I can do a cycle and a HIIT class, worked my arse off and managed less than 5K steps by the end of the day! 

Other times I can walk well over 20K steps during the day, especially if I have been shopping at The Trafford Centre, and not even have broken a sweat near a class or bike. 

There is NO right or wrong…I love to mix it up…I love to be active and counting my steps so I hit 10k a day consistently. It stops me having too many “can’t be even arsed” days…even when I am not ‘working out’ 

You may know I love to do free fitness challenges on my Facebook Page, Get Over Yourself. When I first did the 30 day plank challenge a few years ago, I got trolled by a PT bloke…he took great pleasure in telling me that planks don’t burn body fat and I was wasting my time and people wouldn’t lose weight doing the challenge…I took great pride in ignoring the silly little man! 

What said ‘Silly Little Man’ failed to realise is that I don’t do these challenges for people to get a six pack or to lose weight…I was doing it so people could be part of a group of like minded people all striving for the same goal, no matter what their ability, age, fitness level or size. I just love seeing people realise they can do so much more than they think they can.

So many people start these challenges, believing that reaching the end goal just wont be possible (a 5 minute plank for example!)…but yet they keep showing up, they are consistent and they keep making the effort, and to see them achieve the whole challenge and the joy and satisfaction that gives them is priceless…worth far more than any half a pound weight loss! 

Oh and he also fails to see the knock on effects of that success…that sense of achievement, pride and well deserved smugness that often leads on to wanting to do more exercise, getting more steps in,  making food choices that serve you and loving yourself a little bit more. 

I believe we all have an Ironman inside us…but it doesn’t have to be the sort that involves a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a full 26.2 mile marathon….your Ironman could be walking 1 mile every day for a month, entering a 5K run, taking on a Pilates challenge or sometimes just getting up and getting outside can be enough for some people…believe me, I have been there.

So what is YOUR Ironman, what have you done, what are you doing or what could you do?
I would love to know, so please do leave a comment below and do feel free to share this blog/passage/diatribe. 

As I write I have done 11636 steps and its 2.20pm…so smug smile is firmly in place and that always feels good!





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