I have been doing an online program with Mel Robbins that is all about focusing on one thing every single day for 30 days. I am writing my book…every single day and will do until its finished!
Anyway, my point is that in one of the lessons, she asked us to look back and remember what made us happy when we were a child, and could we recreate that in our adult lives. What did we like to do, how were we creative?
I loved listening as it bought back happy memories of my childhood…I always asked for presents for Birthdays and Christmas that were to do with making things.
So kits where you could make peg dolls, rag dolls that had a posh and a poor side, like rage to riches!
I remember those plaster moulds…but I used to ask for the kit where you made your own mould out of Plaster Of Paris..and then paint it…bunnies, cats and swans!
I used to love colouring in and would spend hours and hours not going over the lines and I remember my older brother walked past one day and got a green felt pen and drew a great big line over a farmyard scene I was carefully colouring in…I was devastated!
A Girls World was my favourite, a giant dolls head where you styled the hair and applied makeup on its plastic face…It had short hair but then you used to pull a pony tail out of the top of its head to make it long! I remember the joy as I saw the big grey and pink striped box as I opened it up on Christmas morning and this much have been about 1976 when I was 7! I ruined it a few months later when I put it in the bath for a wash!!
A brown Petite Type Writer I got for my 9th birthday…I used to set up an office in the box room, using a protective big table pad, balanced on a couple of tools…I remember the excitement of going in there and pretending to be a receptionist with my typewriter, pots of pens, stapler and pads…I used to test myself how fast I could type…I even used my Dads glasses to make myself look the part!!!
I LOVED making things and seeing the end result…I am going to apply this to my book…as this a HUGE making project!
Funnily enough I actually ordered an embroidery kit a couple of weeks ago from Amazon and it’s in a drawer, so I am going to start it.
This trip down memory lane, has given me the realisation that I can apply this carefree attitude to the finishing of my book.
So have a think back to what you enjoyed doing as a child, could be signing, performing, reading, making things, ballet, baking…anything, riding a bike for the fun of it, and ask yourself how can you create more ease by reintroducing some of that into your life now. Get creative

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